Valpar och hanhundar kommer att bedömas av Christopher (”Chris”) Mills, Lembas kennel, Storbritannien, som han driver med sin fru Claire.

Tikar och BIR/BIS kommer att bedömas av Maxine Woodley, Alkamhurst kennel, Storbritannien.

Här nedan finner ni presentationer av dem båda.


My involvement with Labradors started when my father purchased a yellow Labrador bitch from a local rescue centre, she became my constant companion, this happened 62 years ago and there has been very little time since that I have not owned at least one Labrador. Having a father who was interested in shooting meant that my early years with Labradors took me in the working direction and for thirty odd years I enjoyed both the training and working of my dogs.

Our interest in showing Labradors began in 1989 when Claire bought me a black Labrador dog puppy as a birthday present, he was well bred with both Follytower and Charway lines close up in his pedigree. We ventured into a few small shows with him but he was really my shooting companion, which he enjoyed much more than the show ring.

We then decided we would like to breed our own line of show dogs, Claire contacted Mrs Gwen Broadly of Sandylands who directed us to Mrs Fiona Braddon where we purchased our first foundation bitch Trendlewood Midnight Silk at Lembas, a daughter of Sandylands My Guy, one of our favourite dogs. Our next purchase was also very Sandylands based, Jugaren Moonlight Melody at Lembas, a yellow bitch bred by Julie and Gary Allen who’s breeding was strongly linked to Mr Tony Pascoes Trewinnard lines again with connections to the older Sandylands dogs.

Claire and I are pleased to have been able to keep our strong Sandylands links going up until the present day.

The Lembas affix was granted in the mid 90s and since its inception we have been fortunate to have bred some lovely dogs all from our original foundation.

The first to get us noticed was Lembas To The Moon And Back, a super dog who won our first RCC at 9 months of age, he was also a very prepotent stud dog and he is often seen in show pedigrees today. We have to date bred nine UK SH Champions; SH CH Lembas Moonlight Serenade, SH CH Lembas Lets Get Serious, SH CH My Jack Sprat at Lembas, SH CH Lembas Mamma Mia, SH CH Lembas Super Trouper, SH CH Lembas Chiquitita, SH CH Lembas Pretty Amazing Grace. SH CH Lembas Go Gentle [our first black] and for Mr Ed Casey SH CH Lembas Kiss Me Kate at Moyglass.

I have been invited to judge all over the world and have enjoyed every minute of it, meeting some great people and making many new friends.

I would like to thank your committee for inviting me to judge your show, my first trip to Sweden, I’m very much looking forward to meeting you all.

Yours sincerely,
Chris Mills
Half of Lembas Labradors


As a child growing up, I loved everything to do with dogs: films, books, tv programmes and other peoples’ dogs. Very strange really, as I lived in a non-dog loving house! My first trip to Crufts was on my own after catching two buses to Olympia in London. At fifteen, I landed a Saturday job at a local Labrador breeder (Ravencrest) and so my love of the breed began. At sixteen, I was eventually allowed to have a dog of my own as my parents thought I wouldn’t spend so much time at the kennels! She was a six months old yellow bitch and by a local dog, Crestamere Trewinnard Skittle. In my early days, I did junior handling, working tests and showing. My first couple of litters were under the affix of Capelcourt, the first litter being by Ch Squire of Ballyduff and I remember Mrs Docking being very kind to this enthusiastic novice. When I eventually bought Alkhamhurst kennels in Dover I decided to change to using that as my affix. I brought along with me Bushyhill Cinnamon at Capelcourt, mainly Donacre/Othamcourt breeding who gained 1 CC and Roseacre Spindrift who was by Squire and had 1 Reserve-CC.

After a break I wanted to get back into showing and went to Penny Carpanini and bought Carpenny Bastion who was brother to Ch Carpenny Bonhomie (whom I trained to get his working gundog certificate). Over the years, Penny and I have collaborated in many dogs and the import from the USA of Tabathas Mirth and Hawksmoor Webster.

At one time I also had championship winning Flatcoated Retrievers (two overseas champions) and have owned a variety of breeds including Yorkshire Terrier, Whippet, German Shepherd Dogs and cross breeds!

I have now owned and shown dogs for 47 years.

I was appointed by the Kennel Club to award CCs in August 2001 and has, in addition to the United Kingdom, judged in the Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, France, Belgium, Spain, Switzerland, Finland, Canada and Russia.

I am a big supporter of Labrador Rescue and proudly serve on the committee of The Labrador Retriever Club.

I am honoured and thrilled to be coming to Sweden to judge the Club Show and look forward to my appointment eagerly.